about us

Oneshot Design Studio was established in 2008. During this time we worked with dozens of clients, gaining valuable experience and respect from the customers. We worked for private companies, embassies, state institutions and NGOs.

what we do?

outdoor exhibitions

The requirements of modern advertising make it very difficult to reach the recipient in a novel and subtle way. Number of advertising messages directed our way, every day, make it very difficult to focus on valuable and positive advertising. Outdoor, located in urban areas, exhibitions are a great way to reach the recipient in an interesting and subliminal manner.

Oneshot Design Studio put together dozens of exhibitions. Our services are comprehensive – we can participate in the process of creating an exhibition from the very fist idea through production of materials, to the assembly and disassembly. We are the only company on the Polish market, which implements the whole process of exposure. We can participate in the creation of the exhibition from the outset, or join the project during its production, focusing on the individual elements of each project.

Our professional experience allows us to take on a variety of activities that complement the process of creating the exhibition. We offer comprehensive solutions,  identification and one-to-one consultations as well as copywriting support.


urban games

Urban games compliment our offer, we do everything from  preparation to organization. This new and innovative form of games is becoming more and more popular.  Urban games are a form of branding for cities and regions, cultural institutions, private companies and international corporations. With individual approach to each of the projects our urban games are able to engage each target group.
Depending on the nature of the event, urban games may:
supplement tourist and cultural offers,
be used as an alternative form of education,
broaden the knowledge about a particular city or a region.
Our games can engage the whole family, circle of friends and groups.

our services include:

  • preparing creative theme ideas
  • preparing exhibitions
  • thorough research
  • getting to the source, browsing the archives
  • design and creation
  • production and print of exhibition materials
  • rental of stands
  • press materials and promotional content
  • PR support
  • assembly and disassembly
  • preparation and organization of urban games